What is Virtual Veterinary Care?

What is Virtual Veterinary Care?

Virtual Veterinary Care is a telemedicine-only practice helmed by Dr. Mark J. Nunez, who has decades of experience as a practicing veterinarian. Telemedicine is a convenient option for pet owners who need to quickly consult with a licensed vet about a non-urgent medical concern, such as follow-up care, nutritional recommendations, and minor illness or injury, without leaving home. Through the Anipanion app, VVC offers text chat, phone call, or video call options for consulting with Dr. Nunez.

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Establishing a Virtual Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship

To establish a virtual veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) with Virtual Veterinary Care, you will need to provide documented consent to the veterinarian for a telemedicine visit, including the acknowledgement that:

The same standards of care under the state Veterinary Practice Act and regulations apply to telemedicine and in-person medical services. As the pet owner, you have the option of choosing an in-person vet visit over telemedicine.

Obtaining a Prescription

Obtaining a Prescription

Prescriptions based on a virtual VCPR should be issued initially for no more than 30 days and may not be renewed for more than 30 days without an additional virtual or in-person examination for your pet.

A prescription renewed once and based upon only virtual examinations may not be renewed again without an in-person examination.

An in-person examination is required for controlled substance prescriptions, except for limited dosage deemed essential by the veterinarian to maintain your pet’s safety during transport to a clinic for an in-person examination.

We can also renew long-term prescriptions if the pet has an in-person examination with their regular veterinarian and receives appropriate testing/monitoring during the visit. VVC can have any testing needed done in your home with remote lab services!

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